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Volunteer Spotlight - Hal Christensen

12/13/2020 12:40 PM | Rosemary Okoiti (Administrator)

1. What three words describe you and why?

PROFESSONAL: I believe that we must adopt high professional standards for how we work with the people we are training and supporting--standards of performance that go beyond satisfying our bosses or the progress of our careers. Professional organizations, such as ATD, play a key role in maintaining those standards. 

INNOVATIVE: Throughout my years in this field, I have continually explored how new, innovative technologies can fundamentally change our approach to employee performance- -not just how they can help manage or deliver the same old inefficient training models. My particular focus--Performance Support--is all about new approaches. 

TENACIOUS: The concepts and technologies of Performance Support were first articulated, and their benefits clearly demonstrated by me and others, over 30 years ago. But, they have yet to take their place among the approaches generally applied in our L&D/TD world. Yet I keep on pushing. 

2. What is/was your volunteer role?

I am currently co-chair of the chapter's Performance Support SIG. We explore ways to enable effective employee performance that go far beyond what traditional training courses can deliver. I am also leading a small Community of Practice group to provide support tools and workflow learning to help SIG leaders register their events into the chapter's database application.

3. What do you/did you love about volunteering for ATD NYC? How has the experience changed you?

I enjoy working with professionals who want to improve the way they enable their organization's employees. And I continually learn from the experiences of other professionals. BTW: This is my second time through this, having run an ASTD SIG 30 years ago. 

4. What career development opportunities are you exploring in the next one year?

As companies re-open from their shutdowns, they will need new ways to handle all the learning and relearning that the New Normal will demand. All employees will be, in one way or another, "novices." Training courses will not be able to meet that need. I'm exploring more effective and efficient alternatives. 

5. What advice would you give to a Chapter member who is considering volunteering today? 

It is well worth the time you put into it. And the chapter needs your help if it is going to provide the services it is dedicated to providing. 

6. What is the best way to get in touch with you and/or your social media links, website, email address?

The easiest way is to just drop me an email at: halchris@quick-competence.com

Telephone: 212-479-7397
Email: contact@atdnyc.org

Chapter Incentive Program (ChIP) code for td.org store purchases: CH1026

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New York, NY  10024-3444

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