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Volunteer Spotlight - Sy Islam, PhD

05/11/2020 3:49 PM | Rosemary Okoiti (Administrator)

1. What three words describe you and why?

Three words that would describe me are (1) sarcastic- I am rarely serious and I try to have fun but that's mostly by being quite sarcastic. I guess it's because I grew up in NJ! (2) analytical- I tend to focus on what can be measured and what can be done both in professional and personal life. (3) supportive- I try to support my learners, my clients, and my ATD community. 

2. What is/was your volunteer role?

I am the Co-Chair of the People Analytics SIG 

3. What do you/did you love about volunteering for ATD NYC? How has the experience changed you?

The best part of volunteering with ATD NYC is the community. The people that are a part of ATD NYC represent a wonderful community of professionals. I have learned a lot from the community and I love sharing my knowledge with the ATD NYC community as well. The experience of volunteering with ATD NYC has helped me grow more aware of the ways the different parts of talent development impact the business and how we all have ways of contributing to an organization's success.  

4. What career development opportunities are you exploring in the next one year?

I have found the coaching SIG to be really beneficial for learning new and innovative coaching techniques. I will also continue learning more analytics tools. Depending on time I might try to learn how to code in Python in addition to R. As part of my work at Talent Metrics we're always focusing on creating better analytical approaches and are often faced with new problems that require new skills. When you work on specialized projects you're always learning new things! 

5. What advice would you give to a Chapter member who is considering volunteering today? 

If you can do it, it's worth your time. Find a way that you think you can contribute and do that. Your professional network can help you find vendors, find new positions, find new learning opportunities and ATD is a great network to be a part of. It's a big time commitment but with many things you get what you put into it. 

6. What is the best way to get in touch with you and/or your social media links, website, email address?

 By email sy@talentmetrics.io or at my LinkedIn page /Twitter: @IOsyislam Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/sislam/ Website: www.talentmetrics.io 


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