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Volunteer Spotlight - Barbara Phillips

04/20/2020 5:30 PM | Rosemary Okoiti (Administrator)

1. What three words describe you and why?

Positive, light-hearted, calming presence

I’ve gotten this feedback from many people in my life as well as the coaching clients I serve.  I am a “half-glass full” person, even now with the COVID-19 pandemic, looking for silver linings and expressing gratitude for everything I do have.  I love making people laugh with my silly humor.  The latest:  When I pass a fellow mask-wearing doorman on my street, I say “You must be my relative”.  They all laugh.  And, by continually accessing my inner calm, I am a source of calm for others.

2. What is/was your volunteer role?

I have been Co-Chair of the Career Development SIG for 3 years with Rob Hellman.  Before that, I was Co-Chair of the Coaching SIG with Joyce Grillo for 2 years.

3. What do you/did you love about volunteering for ATD NYC? How has the experience changed you?

I “entered” the ATD NYC community by attending a Coaching SIG meeting, and then becoming a member.  It’s the warm, welcoming and committed members and leaders that sustain my commitment, not to mention that the many ATD NYC programs and events (pre-Covid) make membership a huge bargain.  And, I have developed sustainable friendships along the way.

4. What career development opportunities are you exploring in the next one year?

As a career and Encore career coach (mid-life reinvention and retirement), I have all the coaching clients I need and want. (I am grateful). I focus on continuing to develop my skills and knowledge in these areas.

5. What advice would you give to a Chapter member who is considering volunteering today? 

Volunteering for ATD NYC has so many benefits.  It’s a way to: contribute to your professional community, meet and work with really great people, an opportunity to network, develop skills, knowledge and potentially leadership skills - and in this era of social isolation, an outstanding way to stay connected.

6. What is the best way to get in touch with you and/or your social media links, website, email address?

Email address  Barbara.phillips@atdnyc.org and linkedin.com/in/barbaraphillipsprofile


Telephone: 212-479-7397
Email: contact@atdnyc.org

Chapter Incentive Program (ChIP) code for td.org store purchases: CH1026

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