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Volunteer Spotlight - Rosemary Okoiti

11/13/2021 4:47 PM | Gregory Simpson (Administrator)

1. What three words describe you?

Curious: I like to ask “why”, “how”, “when” to get to know more about what’s going on. I have been told that I ask many questions. As a talent development professional, being curious has been a great way to build my skillset.

Empathetic: I relate to other peoples’ feelings. I try to “fit into their shoes” in order to understand their perspectives.

Optimistic: I believe that there is always something positive about the things that most of us do, so I look for the “silver lining” in every situation.


2. What is/was your volunteer role?

I am currently the Vice President of Talent Management (2019 -2021) and previously Assistant VP of Technology (2018)

3. What do you/did you love about volunteering for ATD NYC? How has the experience changed you?

I love the opportunity to volunteer with amazing and talented fellow talent development leaders. I am able to learn from them, contribute my ideas to help build the chapter as I practice leadership skills that I would not have otherwise been able to practice. I have become more confident trying out new ideas knowing that there’s always a 50% chance that they will succeed. 

4. What career development opportunities are you exploring in the next one year?

I recently got hired as the Learning & Development Manager at Winrock International, an organization in the International Development field. This is a new field for me with a lot to learn in an organization whose mission is near and dear to my heart. It is an exciting time in my career. I am also building my coaching practice where I work with leaders and managers to maximize their potential and effectiveness.

 5. What advice would you give to a Chapter member who is considering volunteering today? 

Do it. ATD NYC offers a great platform for practicing your leadership skills, connecting with fellow talent development professionals and learning about the latest industry trends. It nurtures growth in your leadership skills. It is an opportunity I would advise all talent development professionals (and aspiring ones) to take advantage of. 

6. What is the best way to get in touch with you and/or your social media links, website, email address?

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/rosemaryokoiti

Website: rosemaryokoiticonsulting.com

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