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Coaching SIG: The Un-Clear and Present Danger, Mental Health Issues & Duty of Care in Coaching

  • 05/22/2018
  • 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • The New York Public Library 445 5th Avenue, 5th Floor, room: LEC (ENTRANCE ON 39TH STREET) New York 10016
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Do you understand your ethical and professional responsibility as coaches, and as sponsors of coaching? Join us for a panel discussion where we will explore the concept of Duty of Care and navigating the complexities around mental health issues in coaching.

It has been estimated that 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. has suffered from mental illness within the last 12 months. Further, in a study conducted by the Congressional Research Service dated January 2018, the prevalence of mental illness amongst the U.S. adult population was estimated at between 26.2% and 32.4%. 

Research in the field of coaching has found that between 25% and 50% of clients presenting for coaching meet criteria for clinical mental health, and that the incidence of personality and mood disorders is 10-15% and 20% respectively. Importantly, for those undertaking executive coaching, studies suggest that the levels of distress within executive populations are more than double those found the general population. 

This raises a number of important questions relating to our ethical and professional responsibilities as coaches, and as sponsors of coaching, including:

  • Do you understand the nature of your Duty of Care as a coach?
  • How do you reflect on the limitations of your competence, and the boundaries of your role as coach?
  • Are you alert to the possibility that coaching, in certain circumstances, may cause psychological harm?
  • What ongoing education and training do you undertake in relation to the identification and assessment of mental health issues?
  • How do you recognize the red flags indicating a need for therapy or that coaching is not the appropriate intervention? 
  • What is your strategy for dealing with, and referring, in such situations, and how do you identify your personal point of referral? 
  • How do you manage such issues when coaching within an organization, which raises complex issues surrounding confidentiality?
  • As a sponsor of coaching, how do these issues affect you? How do you handle situations where there is a potential mental health issue?
Join ATD NYC’s Coaching SIG for a panel discussion where we will explore our professional responsibility as it relates to these critical issues. 

Presenter Bios:

Charles (Chuck) Schaeffer
Chuck is a New York-based licensed psychologist and career advisor who has spent the last 12 years helping individuals, couples, professionals, and organizations tap into their strengths in order to overcome challenges and thrive in the face of insomnia, stress, anxiety, ADHD, and other mental health difficulties. Dr. Schaeffer has created and led mental health training programs to improve professional’s clinical competencies at organizations including the Seleni Institute, Estee Lauder, JP Morgan Chase, Postpartum Support International, New York University, Mount Sinai Medical Center, and the Motherhood Center of New York. He currently serves as clinical consultant & supervisor to organizations including the Seleni Institute, Huddle, New York University, and the Motherhood Center of NY.

Kalzien Van Vliet

Klazien is a human capital professional with an MA in Social and Organizational Psychology from Leiden University in The Netherlands and a Graduate Certificate in Organizational and Executive Coaching from NYU, currently working as Organizational Development Consultant at Macquarie. In this role Klazien manages the executive and skill-based coaching portfolio across the Americas region. She also develops and delivers bespoke learning solutions to address business needs and leads the psychometric assessment interpretation training and support in the organization. Klazien is a member of ATD NYC and ICF and co-chair of the ATD NYC’s Coaching SIG. 

Angela Wright

Angela has over 20 years global professional experience including more than 10 years experience as a consultant, facilitator, researcher, coach and coach supervisor. Prior to her full-time consulting career, Angela practiced as an attorney, where she specialized in disputes around professional responsibility, breach of duty of care, conflicts of interest and ethical issues. She was also part of the writing team responsible for drafting the world’s first ISO (International Organization for Standards) aligned Guideline for the training of coaches and the provision of coaching services. As a previous Board member, Angela currently serves as the Director of the Coaching Center of Excellence and Co-Chair of Coaching Supervision Programs at ATD NYC.

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