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10/30/2020 5:22 PM | Kate Gerasimova (Administrator)


You just have been reading or researching skills or professional development and you just had a "crazy" idea for an activity related to talent development and you got yourself thinking "How am I going to try that out and see if it works?!"

That is the sole purpose of the ATD NYC Learning Lab, is a safe space where talent professionals can experiment, practice, and take risks. It is a place to try out and out of the box innovative tools and techniques for helping people learn and grow. It is a no-judgment zone for learning and innovation.

What to expect from this?

The Learning Lab consists of 2 segments being (1) 5-10 minute virtual icebreakers and team-building activity and (2) one or two 15-30 minutes main experiments followed by feedback from the group.

Fill this Google Form to submit your idea and we will get back to you afterward to understand what you are going to do, how can we support you, etc.

Submissions will be accepted for the available slots on a first-come, first-served basis with ATD NYC members taking priority over non-members.

Learning Lab experiment criteria:

  1. Can be done in 30 minutes or less including Q&A.

  2. Interactive and hands-on, involving participants.

  3. Something you have not tried before (the purpose is to try new things, challenge yourself, and stretch outside of your comfort zone!).

  4. Adds value for you and the others attending.

  5. Be a hands-on experiment, not a sales pitch.

What is in it for those who try their ideas out?

  • A safe space to try out new techniques, models, and strategies for learning and developing others

  • A testing ground that can simulate a client environment

  • Real-time feedback from a community of peers

Example of Potential Experimentation: 

Activities should be interactive and hands-on for participants. For example:

Malcolm is intrigued by a new coaching model but is concerned it has potential dangers as well as benefits. He decides to try it out with a few people at the Learning Lab (with others acting as observers) to get feedback and some more insight on what he thinks of the model.


Virtual via Zoom!

Event Contacts:

Gabrielle Bayme, gabrielle.bayme@atdnyc.org

Kate Gerasimova, kate.gerasimova@atdnyc.org


Telephone: 212-479-7397
Email: contact@atdnyc.org

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