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    The Learning Innovation SIG is proud to announce....

    The Premiere

    This coming quarter (Apr-Jun), for the premiere of this program, the topic is Action Mapping, a process created by world renowned training designer and author of Map It: The Hands-On Guide to Strategic Training Design, Cathy Moore, to help learning designers focus on what people need to be able to do, not simply what they need to know. Action Mapping is all about cutting out the extraneous information and objectives that do not impact the underlying business goals, and allowing the learner to practice what they will be expected to perform on the job. This leads to activity-centered training and resources rather than traditional information presentations and measurable business results!

    We welcome those new to Action Mapping as well as long-time Action Mapping enthusiasts!

    Connecting ATD Members from across the country…

    For this series only, we are inviting members of all local ATD chapters across the US to participate for the discounted ATD NYC member rate. An added benefit of participating in this series is networking with TD professionals from across the country!

    Register Now!

    The session dates and sub-topics for this quarter are:

    1: Thursday, April 15, 5:15-6:30 PM – Action Mapping: The Analysis
    2: Thursday, May 20, 5:15-6:30 PM – Action Mapping: The Design
    3: Thursday, June 17, 5:15-6:30 PM – Action Mapping: Real Life Challenges and Applications

    You can register for individual sessions or register for all three quarterly sessions at once for a 40-45% discount. Participation in all three sessions is recommended but not required

    Single session rate

    $15 - Members of ATD NYC
    $15 - Members of other local ATD chapters across the US (with discount code)*
    $25 - Non-members

    Series rate (includes all three sessions for quarter)

    $25 (45% discount) - Members of ATD NYC
    $25 (45% discount) - Members of other local ATD chapters across the US (with discount code)*
    $45 (40% discount) - Non-members

    * Contact your local chapter leadership for discount code. If you have difficulties, please contact

    Click to register for…

    The whole series (all three sessions)
    The Thursday 4/15 session on The Analysis
    The Thursday 5/20 session on The Design
    The Thursday 6/17 session on Real Life Challenges and Applications

    About The Modern Learning Salon

    The Modern Learning Salon is a monthly meetup and online community open to those passionate about exploring innovative  models, approaches,  tools, and thought leaders in the Talent Development field.

    The modern learner needs to get up to speed quickly. An online search for short  “how to” articles and videos may provide all of the information they need when they need it. The Modern Learning Salon is designed with this concept in mind. Think about it like a book club with a few quick resources to review instead of books. Each quarter will focus on a different theme or topic with monthly meetings to discuss different aspects of the quarterly theme.

    Here’s how it works…

    • Review a small, curated collection of blogs, videos, or articles about the topic - Just enough to be able to understand the basics and have a conversation around it.
    • Join the discussion - At the monthly live meetings, we’ll discuss thoughts and questions about what we’ve learned about the topic (each month is a different sub-topic) with special emphasis on how to apply our learning to our current real-life projects.
    • Continue the discussion - In between the live meetings, we can continue the conversation in an online forum.

    Join us for the opportunity to connect with and have in-depth discussions with other talent development professionals around today’s hottest topics!

    Access to the resources and more details upon registration.

  • 10/30/2020 5:22 PM | Kate Gerasimova (Administrator)


    You just have been reading or researching skills or professional development and you just had a "crazy" idea for an activity related to talent development and you got yourself thinking "How am I going to try that out and see if it works?!"

    That is the sole purpose of the ATD NYC Learning Lab, is a safe space where talent professionals can experiment, practice, and take risks. It is a place to try out and out of the box innovative tools and techniques for helping people learn and grow. It is a no-judgment zone for learning and innovation.

    What to expect from this?

    The Learning Lab consists of 2 segments being (1) 5-10 minute virtual icebreakers and team-building activity and (2) one or two 15-30 minutes main experiments followed by feedback from the group.

    Fill this Google Form to submit your idea and we will get back to you afterward to understand what you are going to do, how can we support you, etc.

    Submissions will be accepted for the available slots on a first-come, first-served basis with ATD NYC members taking priority over non-members.

    Learning Lab experiment criteria:

    1. Can be done in 30 minutes or less including Q&A.

    2. Interactive and hands-on, involving participants.

    3. Something you have not tried before (the purpose is to try new things, challenge yourself, and stretch outside of your comfort zone!).

    4. Adds value for you and the others attending.

    5. Be a hands-on experiment, not a sales pitch.

    What is in it for those who try their ideas out?

    • A safe space to try out new techniques, models, and strategies for learning and developing others

    • A testing ground that can simulate a client environment

    • Real-time feedback from a community of peers

    Example of Potential Experimentation: 

    Activities should be interactive and hands-on for participants. For example:

    Malcolm is intrigued by a new coaching model but is concerned it has potential dangers as well as benefits. He decides to try it out with a few people at the Learning Lab (with others acting as observers) to get feedback and some more insight on what he thinks of the model.


    Virtual via Zoom!

    Event Contacts:

    Gabrielle Bayme,

    Kate Gerasimova,

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    Message from the Vice President of SIGs

    Greetings members!

    The calendar hasn’t been as packed as usual with SIG events so far this year and that’s because we have been laying the foundation for several exciting new projects! I’ve summarized these things to look forward to along with some general updates below.

    Please check back regularly on this page for more details and updates. Also feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions at

    Gabrielle Bayme
    ATD NYC, Vice President of Special Interest Groups

    SIG Updates

    Learning Labs

    • The popular Learning Lab will be back at the end of March and then again in May. Details for the March event will be announced next week.

    Career Development SIG

    • The Career Development SIG, led by Robert Hellmann and Barbara Phillips, is launching a mentoring program for the chapter in late spring of this year. More information coming soon!

    Coaching SIG

    Digital Learning SIG (fka eLearning SIG)

    • Want to meet up with fellow digital learning and learning tech enthusiasts? Interested in helping to shape the direction of new Digital Learning SIG? Come to the Digital Learning SIG: New Era Kickoff on Thursday, March 12.
    • The eLearning SIG has been renamed the Digital Learning SIG to broaden the scope of the SIG to encompass learning that utilizes all types of digital technology, not just online courses.
    • The Digital Learning SIG is looking for two new co-leads. Please contact if interested.

    People Analytics SIG (fka People Science SIG)

    • Lydon and Sy from the People Analytics SIG will be heading an exciting chapter-wide Member Analytics Workshop in March (check back for details). The workshop will demonstrate a process for gathering, analyzing, and utilizing people data to improve organizations while at the same time providing the chapter with valuable data to help us better serve our members!
    • The People Science SIG, led by Sy Islam and Lyndon Llanes, has been renamed the People Analytics SIG. We hope using this more universally-accepted term for the SIG name will make the focus of the SIG more clear to new members.

    Performance Support SIG

    Volunteer Opportunities

    In addition to the open Digital Learning SIG and Performance Support SIG Co-Lead roles, we are also looking for someone to fill a new volunteer position –the SIG Technical Manager. This is a critical role that would be responsible for overseeing everything we post to our website that is SIG-related and managing the technical tasks required for running SIG events. Check back soon for a full descriptions of these roles on our Volunteer page. In the meantime, reach out to if you think you may be interested.

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