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    • 09/29/2021
    • 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
    • Learning Delivered Right to your Desk!
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    ATD NYC is proud to participate in the ATD Regional Webinar Series. This collaboration of 6 ATD chapters (including Eastern PA, Greater Philadelphia, Mid NJ, Northern NJ, Long Island & New York City) is bringing together the best of our networks to provide world class presenters and content.  We look forward to sharing these webinars with you throughout 2021!

    Control Your Attention, Control Your Life!  

    Attention Management is the NEW Path to Productivity

    Busy professionals rely on technology to live and work. However this very  technology presents some of the greatest challenges to our focus: distractions  that constantly derail us not only from the task at hand, but from the path that  we determine for our lives. To manage “information overload,” most of us turn to  “time management,” but these techniques are outdated and irrelevant. It’s time  to learn work-life management skills more suitable for the 21st century. Maura  will help you discover the number one skill for the future: “attention  management.”

    In addition, this presentation will provide secrets to help you:

    • Learn how you are sabotaging your own productivity and attention
    • Harness your focus to unleash your genius
    • Discover 3 steps to living a life of choice, instead of a life of reaction and distraction.

    About our Speaker, Maura Thomas

    Maura Thomas is an international, award-winning speaker and trainer on productivity and work-life balance, and the most widely-cited authority on attention management. She is a TEDx Speaker, business owner, five-time author, and was named a Top Leadership Speaker for 2018 in Inc. Magazine. Maura is regularly featured in hundreds of national media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and NPR, and is a regular contributor to both Forbes and the Harvard Business Review, with articles there viewed over a million times. Follow her on Twitter @mnthomas.
    • 10/06/2021
    • 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
    • Virtual Event: via Zoom

    NOTE: Complimentary registration is open to all members and non-members!


    As a follow up to ATD's Coast to Coast Virtual Conference, join ATD NYC's panelists and fellow industry leaders to debrief and take a deeper dive into four of the presentation topics. We invite to you to watch the learning session replays in advance of the event and look forward to a thoughtful discussion!

    With businesses changing priorities regularly, leaders need to be able to align the roles of L&D teams to the needs of the learner and the organization. Explore fundamental frameworks that can be used to pare down organizational goals, identify learning solutions and drive L&D team structure while keeping Learning Strategy, HR Strategy, and Organizational Strategy in mind. You'll feel equipped to not only design your Learning Department but to also redesign and relaunch your team quarterly, should that be the pace of change in your business. Watch here.
     Explore a new lens for viewing the world. Learn the five principles of Appreciative Inquiry and begin to apply them to your life immediately! You will walk away from our time together with a new model for experiencing the world—and new skills you can use every day. Watch here.
    For over 17 years, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC to provide employees with an opportunity to give back to the community, expose local high school students to healthcare careers, and make an investment in the next generation of leaders. While the goal of the Workplace Mentorship Program is to ignite the biggest possible futures for youth, we've seen how significantly our mentors' own professional and personal development journeys are enriched through their participation. This learning session demonstrates the ways in a Workplace Mentorship Program can develop leadership skills, strengthen peer networks, enhance employee wellbeing and support DEI values. Watch here.
    As organizations focus more on their DEI efforts, there's been a tremendous focus on the "D" and the "E" parts of the acronym, however, there hasn't been the same level of focus on inclusion. Discover the true value of inclusion for organizations, why we don't default to inclusivity and what actions all employees can take to build a more inclusive culture here.