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    • Tue, October 15, 2019
    • 5:30 PM - 7:45 PM
    • Partners International, 9 East 37th St. (Madison/5th), 7th Floor Conference Room
    • 18

    NOTE: Member registration opens 30 days prior to this event. Non-member registration opens 15 days prior to this event.

    Program Description:

    “The only constant is change.” 

    Heraclitus, 500 B.C.

    Are you experiencing a transition in your life?  Thinking about making a change? Looking for a new job? Or, are you just living “life as usual” in the midst of lots of change around you?

    Change (an event) can bring up many emotions:  excitement, fear, resistance, anxiety, and/or confusion, to name a few. Transition (our psychological and emotional response to change) can feel like we’re on a roller-coaster.  Come join speaker, trainer and certified professional coach, Barbara Phillips, to learn practical strategies that will help you build resilience and more effectively navigate change and transition in your life. 

    You will learn:

    §  Typical reactions to change and where you are in the "change curve"

    §  How you personally respond to change

    §  Practical tools and skills to better manage stress and anxiety

    §  Steps for increasing your readiness to embrace change and overcome resistance

    §  How to develop resilience, build your confidence and become a "change master"!

      About the Presenter: Barbara Phillips, Certified Professional Transition Coach

      Barbara is a certified career, transition and life coach with 20 years of Human Resources and Organization Development experience in world class, global organizations.  

      She supports individuals who are navigating career and life transitions (what’s next, job search strategy, branding, networking, interviewing, etc.) as well as recently outplaced executives in mid-life or on the cusp of retirement to help them plan for their “Third Act” (Encore Career and retirement transitions).  Her clients span Fortune 500 and mid-size companies in multiple industries.  She also conducts group coaching for Yale University’s Women in Leadership program.

      At American Express and Pfizer, Barbara specialized in company-wide talent management, leadership development, high potential development, executive succession planning and mentoring programs.   In her client-facing roles, she delivered services to multiple businesses, including: performance management, change management, team effectiveness, talent and leadership development, career and succession planning, feedback and coaching, mentoring, organization effectiveness, diversity & inclusion, employee engagement and compensation. 

      She earned a B.A. in Biology from Williams College, and an M.A. in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.  She received her Professional Coach Certification through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).


      Partners International

      9 East 37th St. (Madison/5th)

      New York, NY

      7th Floor Conference Room

      5:30-6:00              Networking

      6:00-7:15              Program

      7:15-7:45              Networking


      ATD NYC Members: $00.00

      Non-Members:          $15.00

      Registration Deadline: Registration closes October 14, 2019 at 5PM.

      Event Contacts: 

      ATD NYC Career Development SIG Co-Chairs

      Rob Hellman, robert.hellmann@atdnyc.org

      Barbara Phillips, barbara.phillips@atdnyc.org

      • Fri, October 18, 2019
      • 5:45 PM - 7:45 PM
      • Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028
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      DESCRIPTIONJoin us for a fun and creative after-hours outing!  As a follow up to our September session on Creating Compelling eLearning Visuals Metaphors With Your Smartphone, we'll be meeting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Friday, October 18th from 5:45-7:45pm to photograph images as backgrounds for your next eLearning project.  No experience needed! If you missed our 9/18 session and are an ATDNYC member, you can catch up with that session’s materials beforehand in the Member's section of the ATD NYC site.

      We'll provide all registrants with a short list of classic eLearning topics (Onboarding, Information Security, Sexual Harassment, etc.) as our scavenger hunt topics.  Your goal will be to find and photograph one or more images to use as backgrounds for each of those topics. After our visual scavenger hunt at the museum, we'll meet up outside the museum and walk to a local restaurant TBD where we'll enjoy casual dinner and conversation, and share and compare our visual inspirations.

      IMPORTANT Met Museum Rules: Admission is pay-what-you-wish for all NY State residents with and NY, NJ, CT students with ID; it is $25 for all others. (For those residing outside of NYC, a member who is a NYC resident may be able to purchase your museum ticket if you bring cash.)  Photographs without flash may be taken in all permanent exhibitions for personal use (i.e. you can't sell your images) unless otherwise specified at the museum.


      5:45pm -- Meet in front of Metropolitan Museum for quick briefing
      6:00pm -- Enter museum individually for photographic scavenger hunt
      7:45pm -- Regroup in front of museum and head to nearby restaurant

      Event Costs: $0 for any registrant.

      Museum Costs: See "IMPORTANT Met Museum Rules" above.

      Registration Deadline and Requirements: Register by 12pm on Thursday, 10/17. We must know how many people we expect to join us for this special outing. If you register but arrive late, use the scavenger hunt list we'll provide to all registrants in advance, and meet us at 7:45pm outside the museum to regroup and head to the restaurant.

      SIG Co-Chairs & Facilitators:
      Andrew Sellon, andrewsellon@gmail.com
      David Truzman, dtruzman@gmail.com

      • Tue, October 22, 2019
      • 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
      • Alvarez and Marsal, 600 Madison Avenue, (58th/59th), 8th Floor Boardroom
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      Relationships are at the heart of successful coaching. Coaches who develop trust and intimacy with their clients get more out of each session. This workshop will explore the connection between improv and relationship building. In improv, performers create instant relationships with their scene partners. While the purpose of an improv scene is typically to entertain, the tools improvisers use to connect with each other have applications beyond the stage. In this highly interactive workshop, participants will engage in:

      • improv exercises designed to practice active listening/observation and heighten their awareness of the personal dynamics occurring in a given moment. 
      • discussion of the application of these tools to participants' individual situations.  

      Because improv can be defined as acting without a script, improvisers are therefore in a constant state of discovery. There isn't a script for coaching, either. Being comfortable with the unknown and reacting quickly in the moment are skills exhibited by successful improvisers and coaches alike.

      About the Presenter: David Marx

      David Marx is a learning and development professional who has designed and led workshops for organizations such as Walmart, WIX.com, Motorola, Provident Loan, the Association for Talent Development NYC, and Dress for Success. His passion for productive communication has also led him to become a volunteer mediator for the New York Peace Institute. He performs and teaches improv regularly for ANDTheatre Company. As a performer with multiple stage and film credits, he believes in the power of performing arts techniques to transform the way we connect and communicate.


      Alvarez and Marsal

      600 Madison Avenue (58th / 59th)

      8th Floor Boardroom


      ATD NYC Members: $00.00

      Non-Members:          $15.00

      Event Contacts: 

      ATD NYC Coaching SIG Co-Chair

      Diane Dean, diane.dean@atdnyc.org

      Registration closes October 21, 2019 at 5 p.m.

      • Wed, October 23, 2019
      • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
      • Learning Delivered Right to your Desk!
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      Remaining Relevant in an AI World

      The current pace of disruptive change is not new to the business world, or to talent development professionals. The difference now is that the disruption extends through the entire organization. Artificial Intelligence is igniting businesses to weigh how and what they do in new and exciting ways to succeed.

      Organizations are examining leadership, engagement, technology and overall employee experience with fresh perspectives to determine how to accelerate the positive impact of disruptive change. How are organizations integrating the power of AI in talent development strategies? As talent development leaders, how can we harness the powers of AI to prepare our organizations (and ourselves!) to avoid becoming irrelevant.?

      In this session you will learn how organizations are harnessing AI in innovative ways and preparing their talent to thrive in future.

      Wendy Gates Corbett, CPLP is on a mission to rid the world of bad presentations. She's designed and delivered more than 2,000 presentations in her 20+ years in the field. Wendy works with professional athletes, speakers, and talent development leaders to help them deliver their messages with influence and visual impact.

      She is devoted to helping others communicate effectively so they can clearly demonstrate their value and relevance. Wendy is an international speaker who delivers programs related to trends in talent development. She's published multiple works on training program design and visual communication.

      She is in her 10th year serving on her local ATD chapter board in North Carolina, is the immediate past chair of ATD's National Advisors for Chapters team and just completed a term on the ATD international board of directors.  

      • Tue, October 29, 2019
      • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
      • Pfizer, 235 East 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017
      • 21

      This program is like no conference or workshop you’ve attended. The Sententia Gamification Certification is a complete immersion experience designed to leave you creatively inspired and technically masterful. Plus, this is the ONLY Gamification Certification that earns you recertification* credits with HRCI, SHRM, and ATD. 

      This hands-on certification takes you through the 5-step, trademarked, and proven process of gamifiying your organizational quest. The goal is to increase learning and engagement through key concepts found in game design and behavioral psychology. By adding game mechanics to training, gamification not only increases interest, but it also makes training "fun."

      A well-designed and well-implemented gamification program promotes engagement, meaning, mastery, and autonomy. Simply defined, gamification uses game mechanics and rewards for non-game applications in order to increase engagement, transfer knowledge, and create loyalty. Gamification is not just about rewarding points and badges, but rather understanding and influencing the human behaviors which companies want to encourage among their employees and customers.

      Is now a good time to put an end to dry, boring lectures and eLearning? Get ready to play full out during our Gamification adventure!


      At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

      • Understand how key concepts found in behavioral psychology and game design can increase learning and engagement.
      • Have a five-part process for gamifying a learning program.
      • Demonstrate a return on investment for your gamified learning program.

      Takeaways for Participants

      1. Game the System™ “game board” of the 30 necessary steps for creating successfully gamified learning programs
      2. All handouts and ancillary tools
      3. Analysis and feedback of a proposal for gamifying a case study or real program
      4. Sententia Level 1 Apprentice digital badge with metadata about the program and work completed for certification for employers, recruiters, and potential clients
      5. HRCI, SHRM and ATD recertification credit documentation for each registrant

      Intended Audience

      This program is for L&D and HR professionals interested in using gamification to improve their learning and training programs.

      Learn more about gamification by attending our September 26th Chapter WebinarGamification for Talent Development - Deconstructing the Psychology of Games to Entice, Engage, and Encourage Learners  (webinar registration opens Aug 26th for members and September 9th for non-members)


        8:30am - Check-in (valid ID requires/bags will be inspected)

        9:00am - Session begins (all materials are provided)

      12:00pm - Lunch (provided)

      12:30pm - Session resumes

        4:00pm - Session ends

      Registration Details

      Cancel by October 7th for full refund; partial refund after October 7 date: registration fee - $50.00

      CPLP Recertification Credit

      CPLPs earn one recertification point/credit for each physical hour of continuing education within one’s current role/job or involving a new experience or content. You will need to keep records of the event and prepare any required paperwork. Visit the CPLP webpage for complete information.

      Six recertification hours for this workshop.

      HRCI and SHRM Recertification Credit

      This program is eligible for self-certification for HRCI and SHRM recertification credits. You will need to keep records of the event and prepare any required paperwork. Visit the HRCI recertification webpage or the SHRM recertification webpage for more information.

      Alignment with ATD's Competency Model

      Areas of Expertise (Areas in BOLD will be addressed in this presentation.)

         1    Performance Improvement

         2    Instructional Design

         3    Training Delivery

         4    Learning Technologies

         5    Evaluating Learning Impact

         6    Managing Learning Programs

         7    Integrated Talent Management

         8    Coaching

         9    Knowledge Management

         10  Change Management


      Monica Cornetti

      Founder, Sententia

      Featured on the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek, Monica works with individuals and organizations who want to learn how to think differently to achieve uncommon results. A gamification speaker and designer, Monica was rated #1 among the “Gamification Gurus Power 100” by RISE, and in 2016 was also recognized as a Top 3 Finalist in the “Gamification Guru of the Year Award” by the World Gamification Congress held in Barcelona, Spain.

      Monica is the Founder and CEO of the Sententia Gamification Consortium and the author of the book Totally Awesome Training Activity Guide: Put Gamification to Work for You, and co-author of Deliberate Fun: A Purposeful Application of Game Mechanics to Learning Experiences. Monica is hired for her skill as a gamification speaker and is considered at the top of her field in gamification design for corporate learning.

      She is a graduate of Seton Hill with a BA in psychology, and The University of Houston-Victoria where she earned a Masters Degree in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship, voted by Forbes Small Business as one of the top 5 programs for entrepreneurial education in the country.

      Jonathan Peters, PhD

      Chief Motivation Officer, Sententia

      Jonathan Peters, PhD, has spent over a decade studying the science and art of motivation and persuasion. As a speaker, he has helped audiences from Melbourne, Australia to Augusta, Maine more effectively communicate with their customers and team-members.

      Since joining the Sententia team, he had applied his knowledge and study to make learning more enticing, engaging, and encouraging through gamification.  

      Jonathan is co-author of Deliberate Fun: A Purposeful Application of Game Mechanics to Learning Experiences. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, though he calls Austin, Texas home.

      Learn more about Sententia Gamification (pdf flyer)

      • Mon, November 04, 2019
      • 5:30 PM - 7:45 PM
      • Partners International, 9 East 37th St. (Madison/5th), New York, NY 7th Floor Conference Room
      • 27

      NOTE: Member registration opens 30 days prior to this event. Non-member registration opens 15 days prior to this event.

      Program Description:

      Powerful personal brands are unique, compelling and relevant.

      Why Personal Branding Matters

      Your personal brand is how you are known and the value others give to you. The way others perceive us directly influences their desire to offer us opportunities. Right or wrong, their perception is your reality.

      Lida Citroën shows audiences how to manage your reputation through the way you communicate, behave and position yourself around others. In working with international business leaders, professionals, and corporate teams, Lida brings a passion and clarity to the personal branding process that make her programs relatable and actionable. 

      In this engaging and empowering presentation, ATD members will learn Lida Citroën’s “5 Secrets to Building Influence” in order to find a job, keep a job, get a better job or to get more clients as a coach or consultant.

      Participants will leave understanding:

      • What is your unique offer (personal brand)?
      • Who is your target audience and what do they need?
      • How would you like to be perceived by others?
      • How to intentionally promote your personal brand through:
                  - Social media and social networking
                  - Creating a compelling elevator pitch
                  - Building a powerful style and image
                  - Networking strategies
                  - Powerful body language tips

      About the Presenter:  Lida Citroen

      Lida Citroën is a personal branding and reputation management expert who solidifies the identities of executives, senior professionals, military veterans and thought leaders around the world. After 20 years in corporate, Lida launched LIDA360 to help her clients develop, pivot or repair their brand. In her engaging and informative programs, Lida shares the secrets to building a standout personal brand, giving you the ability drive your career—today and into the future.

      The author of three bestselling books on reputation management and personal branding, Lida is also known for her powerful TEDx Talk, her impactful instructional courses on LinkedIn Learning, and her presentations and keynote speeches which provide the tools to inspire, influence and impact your target audience. She has most recently spoken at the Massachusetts Conference for Women, the National SHRM Conference and on the ATD National webinar platform. She has been featured on MSNBC, CBN News, in Fortune magazine, Forbes.com, Woman’s Day magazine, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, and numerous other outlets.


      Partners International

      9 East 37th St. (Madison/5th)

      New York, NY

      7th Floor Conference Room

      5:30-6:00              Networking

      6:00-7:15              Program

      7:15-7:45              Networking


      ATD NYC Members: $00.00

      Non-Members:          $15.00

      Registration Deadline: Registration closes Sunday, November 3rd, 2019 at 5pm.

      Event Contacts: 

      Career Development SIG Co-Chairs

      Rob Hellman, robert.hellman@atdnyc.org

      Barbara Phillips, barbara.phillips@atdnyc.org

      • Wed, November 06, 2019
      • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
      • CUNY, 119 West 31st Street NYC, Room 405, AND Virtual
      • 20

      DESCRIPTIONWe'll be wrapping up our 2019 eLearning SIG sessions with a communal showcase of what you've been working on this year, inspired by our previous sessions.  Whether it's a few slides showing how you used (or plan to use) Visual Metaphors captured with your smartphone, or elements of Gamification, or a few examples of anything else you want to share--bring it on in!  Each person who wants to present will have 5-10 minutes to share a few examples on slides, discuss how you made them, and invite feedback if you want some.  This is a great opportunity to share some of your own work, and/or learn from what others in our field are creating.  Just send your PowerPoint slides  (no proprietary content, please) to Andrew (andrewsellon@gmail.com) by 5pm on Tuesday, 11/5 to be included. And if you don't have any slides to share, join us to see what others have created. This will be a great way to wrap up our year together, and a great chance for you to shine!

      5:30pm -- Meet & greet (in-person only)
      6:00pm -- Roundtable discussion and workshop (virtual and in-person)
      7:30pm -- Meeting end 

      Costs: $0 for members; $15 for non-members

      Registration Deadline and Requirements: Register by 12pm on Tuesday, 11/5. If you plan to attend in person, we must have your name on our list for CUNY security by 12pm on 11/5. 

      SIG Co-Chairs and Facilitators:
      Andrew Sellon, andrewsellon@gmail.com
      David Truzman, dtruzman@gmail.com

      • Wed, November 13, 2019
      • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
      • Webinar link to be sent prior to meeting
      • 34

      Listening Is Hard: Why Developing Holistic Employee Listening Programs is Important to Your Culture and Employee Experience

      NOTE: Member registration opens 30 days prior to this event. Non-member registration opens 15 days prior to this event.

      Program Description

      This webinar will explore what it actually means to continuously listen to employees, and discuss the potential obstacles and challenges in creating a successful continuous listening program within organizations. It will take a look at key stakeholders, critical stakeholder actions, and technology needs that can make or break any effort to build such a program, and delve into steps you can take to be a champion for implementing an effective employee listening program. It will also discuss the real and practical impacts of continuous listening on critical employee measures such as the employee experience, the employee life cycle, satisfaction, commitment, stress, and turnover. The webinar will seek to tackle the question that often comes up when trying to build any continuous listening function – why is employee listening so hard?


      Kalifa Oliver, PhD.

      Senior Vice President, Head of Business Enablement

      Wells Fargo 

      Kalifa Oliver, Ph.D. is a Senior Vice President at Wells Fargo and serves as the Head of Business Enablement where she develops engagement, experience, and talent risk mitigation strategy for the bank’s critical Payments, Virtual Solutions, and Innovation (PVSI) Control function. Prior to this she served as the Head of the Enterprise Team Member Listening function with HR at Wells Fargo. In that roles she was responsible for executing the company’s continuous listening and employee experience strategies which include life cycle, pulse, and annual surveys. She also managed the centralization of Wells Fargo’s research and measurement efforts, supported the organization’s regulatory commitments, and provided executive decision support using research, data analysis, and advanced modeling. Prior to working at Wells Fargo, she worked as a research and survey analytics manager at Walmart’s Global People function. She is also the managing partner of her own consulting firm, DeepDive Talent Insights and Analytics that focuses on strategic consulting related to employee and culture strategy and measurement, continuous listening, and designing positive employee experiences within organizations. She received her Ph.D. in I-O Psychology from Clemson University in 2012. Her primary research interests include employee motivation, turnover intentions, employee stress, inclusion, innovative/flexible work design, work simplification, and advanced qualitative and quantitative statistical analysis methodologies. Her philosophy on continuous listening is that it’s not an option, it’s a necessary step to building and maintaining a functional culture, and demonstrating real investment and commitment to critical talent resources.                                                                                                           


      12:00 pm  Presentation
      12:45 pm  Q&A

      Costs: $0 for ATDNYC Members; $15 for Visitors


      Co-Chair: Sy Islam (sy@talentmetrics.io)

      Co-Chair: Lyndon Llanes (lyndon.llanes@verizon.com)

      Location: Webinar link will be sent to participants.

      • Wed, November 13, 2019
      • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
      • 500 W 120th St, Room 1127, New York, NY 10027 (Columbia School of Engineering)

      Registration opens for Members on October 14th. Non-member registration opens on October 28th.

      ODNNY and ATD NYC are proud to host David Gill (Assistant Vice President, Employee Experience Northwell Health) and Casey Lynch (Program Manager, Employee Experience Northwell Health) in presenting their case study:

      "Our Path to the 90th Percentile: How Leadership, Brand and Culture Catapulted Employee Engagement and Patient Experience."

      Location: Columbia School of Engineering, Mudd Building, 500 W 120th St, Room 1127

      Time: 6:30-8:30pm

      Description: Research has proven that an engaged workforce is critical to delivering safe, high-quality, patient-centered care. For Northwell Health, talent was at a premium and quality of service and employee engagement were low. To begin its transformation journey, Northwell’s CEO implemented a corporate-wide strategy to advance engagement from the 38th to 90th percentile by 2020. Tactics involved leadership effectiveness training, an organizational rebrand, a stronger emphasis on customer service and a re-commitment to employees regarding the place they called “work.” Five years later, and now at the 82nd percentile, Northwell is close to achieving its goal.

      Presenters will share insights on early wins and future plans, while demonstrating that to drive high performance on all health care delivery measures, a successful engagement strategy cannot be an isolated HR process. Recognizing the importance of organizational culture and a “people” strategy, Northwell’s success was predicated on C-level commitment and collaboration across the enterprise.

      About the presenters:

      David Gill is the Assistant Vice President, Employee Experience with Northwell Health in the New York Metropolitan area. Within this role, David champions workforce engagement by working to improve employees’ experiences from attraction to retirement. David has responsibility for the strategy, development, implementation and ongoing execution of engagement initiatives and measurement, external and internal awards and recognition, and the sustainability of the employee value proposition. Prior to joining Northwell Health, David led the Human Resources Assessment and Selection function at Verizon Communications, which was responsible for the development, validation and implementation of the talent acquisition processes for hiring new employees. With over fifteen years of Talent Management experience and applied research across multiple industries, David’s areas of expertise include employee engagement and retention, talent identification, performance management and employee development. He received his Ph.D. and M.S. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and a certificate in Occupational Health Psychology from Kansas State University.

      Casey Lynch is the Program Manager for the Employee Experience team at Northwell Health. In the beginning of her career, Casey rotated through multiple HR functions over the course of her first three years where she gained a deep appreciation for the role human resources plays in the success of an organization.

      After her three year rotation, Casey was a key member of the team that developed and implemented the organization’s Employee Value Proposition. This work helped catapult Casey into her current role where she continues to design and build programs that enhance employee experience. Casey has a passion for culture work and the notion of leading with empathy, compassion and a bit of humor, to drive organizational performance.

      • Thu, November 14, 2019
      • 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM
      • EVENT: Euromoney Learning Solutions, 1120 Avenue of the Americas (W. 43rd-W. 44th), New York, NY, POST-EVENT: Connolly's Pub Restaurant, 121 W 45th St (6th Ave.), NYC
      • 49

      SIG Event: ATD NYC Learning Lab and Networking Event

      Due to the popularity and success of The First Ever ATD NYC Learning Lab and Networking Event in August, we are happy to announce that we will be doing a Learning Lab event at least once a quarter.  Please join us for our next Learning Lab in NovemberThis event is part of the programming for the ATD NYC Special Interest Groups. 

      NOTE: Member registration is now open. Non-member registration opens on October 30th.

      Program Description

      When it comes to talent development practices, many of us stick to the tried and true because, let’s face it, when you're in front of key decision makers, it is not the time to experiment with untested approaches. We may be making our clients happy but are we pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zone? Is there something amazing that we’re not trying because we can’t risk failure?

      Before Chris Rock hosted the Oscars he dropped into several local comedy clubs to test out his material and work on his timing. What if talent professionals could do the same thing? Imagine a place with a live audience of learners that would give you real time feedback on new things you’re trying out, so you get a chance to practice and refine your work before presenting it to your clients in “prime time.”

      Well, look no further. The ATD NYC Learning Lab is that place.

      The ATD NYC Learning Lab: a safe space where talent professionals can practice and take risks. A place to try out new and innovative tools and techniques for helping people learn and grow. Some of these experiments may be a hit. Some may completely bomb. But that’s okay. We can learn just as much from the failures as from the successes. This is a no-judgement zone for learning and innovation.


      Every Learning Lab will feature 2-3 individuals from among those who register who will lead/facilitate a short 15-30-minute stand-alone hands-on “experiment” followed by feedback from the audience of learners, which will consist of the rest of the group.

      Learning Labs are preceded and followed by optional networking events where attendees can debrief and network further.


      5:30-6:00 pm (Optional) Networking
      6:00-8:00 pm Learning Lab (activities & feedback sessions)
      8:00-9:00 pm (Optional) More Networking @ Connolly's Pub & Restaurant (with snacks & beverages)


      • A safe space to try out new techniques, models, and strategies for learning and developing others
      • A testing ground that can simulate a client environment
      • Real time feedback from a community of peers


      • Exposure to what new learning techniques you’ve heard about look like in practice.
      • An opportunity to learn from other talent professionals through hands-on experience.
      • Network with other talent professionals in the context of a learning experience


      Learning Lab experiments should be interactive and hands-on for participants. Don’t simply show the group something and ask for feedback. Your experiment must require one or more participants present to do something. For example:

      Malcolm is intrigued by a new coaching model but is concerned it has potential dangers as well as benefits. He decides to try it out with a few people at the Learning Lab (with others acting as observers) to get feedback and some more insight on what he thinks of the model.

      Ash wants to use virtual breakout rooms in a webinar session they’re designing but has never used this tool before and is afraid it won’t work as anticipated. Ash brings the virtual breakout activity to try out at the Learning Lab.

      Preeta is trying to move away from using PowerPoint as a crutch in the training she designs and delivers and wants to challenge herself to deliver a training “sans slides,” using only interactive activities. She decides to use the Learning Lab as a safe space to practice and build more confidence in working this way.

      Quinn has been asked to design a full-length training on a process that she feels probably only needs a good performance support resource. She designs a job aid for the process and brings it to the Learning Lab to test if her resource is sufficient for getting participants through the process.


      First register for the event. Then use this Google Form to sign up to lead/facilitate at the November Learning Lab.

      The deadline for submitting to lead/facilitate is October 31, 2019.

      There is a maximum of three slots for leaders/facilitators at this session.

      Proposal Criteria

      Make sure the experiment you are proposing:

      • Is “hands-on” and interactive – participants must do something
      • Can be done in 30 minutes or less


      Those who submit the proposal form and meet the above criteria will be accepted for the available slots on a first-come, first-served basis with ATD NYC members taking priority over non-members.

      There are 2-3 slots for leaders/facilitators at this session. The exact number of spots depends on the amount of time needed for the proposed learning experiments.

      We will announce the leaders/facilitators for this session by end of day Thursday, November 7th.


      Just register here to attend and be prepared to participate in and provide feedback on a variety of hands-on learning experiments.


      ATD NYC Members: $0
      Non-Members: $15

      Note: For the optional post-event networking at Connolly's the chapter will provide a small variety of appetizers. Drinks are not included. 


      Registration closes at 5:00 pm November 13, 2019

      Cancellation Policy: Cancellations submitted 48 hours prior to the event will be honored.  Email contact@atdnyc.org to cancel and request a refund

      Event LOCATION:

      Euromoney Learning Solutions
      1120 Avenue of the Americas (between W. 43rd and W. 44th), NYC

      Post-event networking location:

      Connolly's Pub Restaurant
      121 W 45th St (6th Ave), NYC

      Event CONTACTs:

      ATD NYC Special Interest Groups
      Gabrielle BaymeVice President, SIGs, gabrielle.bayme@atdnyc.org
      Kate Gerasimova, Assistant Vice President, SIGs, kate.gerasimova@atdnyc.org

      • Wed, November 20, 2019
      • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
      • Learning delivered right to your desk!
      • 99
      Registration is closed

      NOTE: Registration opens on October 21st for members and November 5th for nonmembers.

      Current technology and content offerings in the market have resulted in learners that are empowered like never before to choose their own learning paths – they’re thinking like consumers. If they’re going to think like consumers, we have to think like product managers.

      We must design learning and talent offerings that people actually desire, solutions that are sustainable, and leverage the best technology to deliver on the quality of experience they want and expect.

      During this session, you can expect:

      * A clear articulation of how our learners have changed and what has to change about the way we design, market, and deliver our solutions

      * A framework to use to evaluate your learning solutions as if they were a product

      * Examples of what learning looks like when it’s treated like a product

      * Tools to use to build high-value solutions for your learners

      Bio:  Matthew Daniel is a high-energy, no-holds-barred, tell-it-like-it-is learning research, consultant, and technologist with 15 years of experience in learning design, systems, and strategy.

      He’s implemented over 20 different learning systems and rolled out enterprise wide learning programs addressing topics like design thinking, agile, and digital transformation.

      Matthew’s previous customers include General Motors, Nike, Microsoft, Cigna, Capital One and many others. Today, Matthew works with learning software companies on product design, consults on learning transformation, and inspires learning professionals to adopt new technologies and create amazing experiences to transform the lives of our learners.

      • Wed, December 18, 2019
      • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
      • WeWork Bryant Park: 54 West 40th St, new york, NY. 10018
      • 120

      • Wed, January 29, 2020
      • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
      • Learning Delivered Right to your Desk!
      • 99
      Registration is closed

      NOTE: Registration opens on December 30th for members and January 14th for nonmembers.

      The Fourth Industrial Revolution has begun and the stakes are high for businesses, workers and society as a whole. The very concept of work is being redefined as different generations enter and exit the workforce. Digital technologies are demanding that employees acquire new skills to adapt to new ways of working. Otherwise, they’ll get left behind.

      L&D leaders now have a call to action: ensure employees are relevant and adaptable so they can rise to the challenge of this new revolution. The task may seem daunting but here’s the good news: drawing on insights from the disruptive technology landscape over the past 20 years, we can proactively address the complex workforce challenges we face.

      There may never have been a better opportunity to get ahead of this issue and never a greater risk of inaction. Our directive is clear – Create the future workforce now.  Drawing on theory and research, this session will focus on helping you prepare and take action for the future workforce development.

      Keith will discuss the concept of building the connected learner, share actionable advice on ways you can identify the skills needed for the future in your organization and how to foster a learning culture that will motivate employees to develop those skills.

      Learning Objectives/Session Takeaways:

      • Insight into the state of our industry and ways L&D needs to evolve to meet the needs of the future workforce learner

      • Strategies L&D leaders should consider following to enable future workforce learners for success

      • Key core competencies and skills we should be looking for in our future workforce

      About the Presenter:

      With a career spanning over 20 years in learning & development, Keith Keating holds a Master’s Degree in Leadership and is currently pursuing his Doctorate in the Chief Learning Officer program at the University of Pennsylvania.

      Keith has experience in a myriad of areas ranging from Performance Improvement, Instructional Design, Leadership Coaching, Operations Management, and Process Transformation. More recently Keith has been leading clients on the design and execution of their global learning strategies.

      Regardless of the role, at the heart of everything Keith does centers around problem solving. He studied Design Thinking at MIT’s Sloan School of Management and found Design Thinking was a perfect tool to add to his problem solving “toolkit”. Since then, Keith has been utilizing Design Thinking to help clients tap into understanding and resolving unmet customer and future workforce needs.

      • Wed, February 26, 2020
      • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
      • Learning Delivered Right to your Desk!
      • 99
      Registration is closed

      NOTE: Registration opens on January 27th for members and February 11th for nonmembers.

      Emotional Motivation is an incredibly powerful force in our psyche. It plays a significant role in our mindset and behavior. For employees, emotional motivations can be the difference between loving your job and giving it everything you've got, or just showing up until you quit for something else.

      For business leaders, emotional motivations can be harnessed to propel your business forward - to guide focus areas and expansion opportunities, to inspire employees and to deepen customer relationships and loyalty.

      This webinar will share ideas on how leaders can tap into emotional motivations to evolve and grow their business, and simultaneously inspire employees to feel like they have a dream job.

      About the Presenter:

      Kevin Perlmutter Chief Strategist & Founder of Limbic Brand Evolution. Limbic is all about emotion-enhanced evolution - helping leaders discover new possibilities for brand evolution & growth by tapping into emotional motivations. A core strength is understanding what makes people tick and creating stronger emotional connections between what they are all about and the people they want to reach. Improving ROI by creating what we call Limbic Sparks™ (which happen when your audience is emotionally motivated by what you’re all about) is at the heart of what Limbic does for its clients.

      Prior to Limbic, for over 20 years, Kevin has been helping some of the biggest and most reputable brands evolve across most industries. He started his career stewarding accounts at top ad agencies including McCann and Publicis. He's led brand strategy/identity and strategic offering development as a Senior Director of Strategy at global brand consultancy Interbrand. And he’s led strategy, research, innovation and business evolution as Chief Strategist & Chief Innovation Officer at sonic branding studio Man Made Music.

      Kevin is a frequent author and speaker, including How to Stop Job Hopping & Start Designing Your Dream Job published by Entrepreneur Magazine.

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    Sat, January 20, 2018 2018 Board of Directors Retreat
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