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Upcoming events

    • 12/09/2021
    • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Zoom Meeting

    Registration is open!

    (Member only event)

    Join our ATD NYC community to celebrate the holiday season and toast to all we've learned together this year!

    As a special gift to our members, we've partnered with Brooklyn Winery to spread some extra warmth and cheer with a guided virtual wine tasting. We'll learn about the winemaking process, how to taste, and what foods pair best with different varietals. Register by November 19 to automatically receive three complimentary bottles of wine and everything you'll need for the tasting!  

    Let's come together for this Special annual event to:

    1. Go over the Annual Report of all we have achieved this year
    2. Swear in and welcome the 2022 Board Members
    3. Learn a thing or two about wine
    4. Sip, socialize and network with connections old and new!


    • This is a member only event. Please join our chapter to participate.
    • The address indicated when registering for this event is where Brooklyn Winery will ship to. USA addresses only.
    • November 19 is the registration deadline to receive your delivery in time for this event. Members who register after November 19 are still encouraged to participate and are welcome to BYOB.
    • Don't drink wine? Feel free to re-gift or, if you prefer to skip the delivery all together, register after November 19. Bring any refreshment of your choice to enjoy during the event.
    • 12/15/2021
    • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    • Learning Delivered Right to your Desk!
    • 94

    ATD NYC is proud to participate in the ATD Regional Webinar Series. This collaboration of 6 ATD chapters (including Eastern PA, Greater Philadelphia, Mid NJ, Northern NJ, Long Island & New York City) is bringing together the best of our networks to provide world class presenters and content.  We look forward to sharing these webinars with you throughout 2021!

    As we set our intentions for the New Year, are you ready to trade in stress and burn-out for JOY?  If so, it starts with Self-Care

    Self-care is not only about regaining your inner balance, it is the process of shifting into a deeper, more powerful and peaceful center that is aligned with your true nature and potential. Self-care is as much about not doing what limits your energy, performance and joy as it is about doing those actions that empower you.

    In this webinar we will focus on four key dimensions - physical, emotional, psychological and energetic to promote well-being. 

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Experientially identify major energetic imbalances within your mind/body system and why these matter.

    • Assess the value of how you spend your time and learn methods for re-balancing.

    • Tips for practicing self -care at work and within your personal relationships.

    • Recommendations for creating a Self- care plan.

    During the session, participants will also have a chance to win our esteemed speaker's latest book !


    About our Speaker:

    C:\Users\Aimee\Pictures\Aimee's photo for book smaller.jpg

    Aimee Bernstein, President of Open Mind Adventures, liberates leaders from limited mindsets, behaviors and energy habits in order to successfully navigate disruptive times. She helps them decrease resistance to change, build their dream team, and generate a resilient culture that supports high performance and well-being,

    Her book, Stress Less Achieve More: Simple Ways to Turn Pressure into a Positive Force in Your Life (AMACOM), guides leaders and their teams in using pressure to develop self-mastery and high performance while raising consciousness.  It was voted one of 17 inspiring books to read by Thrive Global.

    Aimee's clients have included Chanel, Colgate Palmolive, The Ritz Carlton, Microsoft  and nonprofits. She is the creator of  The Roar of the MORE, a mind/body/energy training and coaching program which helps individuals clarify who they are becoming and guides them in embodying it.

    Aimee received her Masters in counseling from Boston University and interned at Mass. General Hospital under Harvard Medical School. She has been listed in Who’s Who in American Women.

    ATD New York City Chapter programs are pre-approved by the ATD Certification Institute for continuing education credits towards recertification by Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD) and Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD) credential holders.

    • 01/26/2022
    • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    • Learning Delivered Right to your Desk!
    • 94

    ATD NYC is proud to participate in the ATD Regional Webinar Series. This collaboration of 6 ATD chapters (including Eastern PA, Greater Philadelphia, Mid NJ, Northern NJ, Long Island & New York City) is bringing together the best of our networks to provide world class presenters and content.  We look forward to sharing these webinars with you throughout 2022!

    What if you could wave a magic wand and provide everyone in your organization with a coach? Sounds crazy, right? Most of the time, coaching is reserved for senior leaders because it’s not feasible to hire an executive coach for all employees. But there is a way to create a coaching culture where people support each other on an ongoing basis. This approach involves leaders and team members alike learning how to effectively coach one another. And it doesn’t require special certification or technology.

    Key Take-aways:

    1. Benefits of creating a coaching culture
    2. Actions that help establish a coaching culture, leading to higher performance
    3. Potential challenges that could get in the way of achieving this
    4. Ways to overcome obstacles
    5. Why peer coaching is part of the solution
    6. What it looks like in action
    7. How to implement peer coaching in your organization

    About our Speaker:

    Meredith Bell is co-founder and President of Performance Support Systems, a global software company providing assessment and development tools for the workplace. Their award-winning software and books guide leaders and team members to make the shift from KNOWING to DOING. The result is permanent improvements in the way people interact with each other at work.

    Meredith is an expert in leader and team communications, the author of three books, and the host of the Strong for Performance podcast. She has worked with thousands of business leaders, Human Resources professionals, and Learning & Development executives to successfully implement their tools. Meredith co-authored her latest books, Connect with Your Team: Mastering the Top 10 Communication Skills and Peer Coaching Made Simple, with her business partner, Dr. Dennis Coates. In them, Meredith and Denny provide a how-to guide for improving communication at work and how people can support each other as peer coaches.

    ATD New York City Chapter programs are pre-approved by the ATD Certification Institute for continuing education credits towards recertification by Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD) and Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD) credential holders.

Past events

11/17/2021 Regional Webinar Series: Inclusive Leaders: A Conscious Look at Unconscious Bias
11/03/2021 Chapter Event: Facilitating Like a Pro! 3 Guaranteed Ways to Create Massive Participant Engagement in Live Virtual Training with Sardek Love
10/27/2021 Regional Webinar Series: Learning Organization Maturity Model
10/26/2021 L&D in 3 Minutes or Less: Captivating Learners Through TikTok
10/06/2021 ATD NYC Connections: Post-Conference Deep Dive
09/29/2021 Regional Webinar Series: Control Your Attention, Control Your Life!
08/25/2021 Regional Webinar Series: Learning to Pivot, Pivot to Learning
08/04/2021 Chapter Event: Start Your Day with Self-Care: Drawing for Relaxation and Focus
07/28/2021 Regional Webinar Series: Becoming a Smarter Learner: How to Learn from Experience
07/22/2021 [POSTPONED] SIG Event: The ATD Learning Lab
07/13/2021 2022 Board of Directors Recruitment Event
07/07/2021 Chapter Event: ATDNYC & ODNNY Summer Social!
06/30/2021 Regional Webinar Series: Re-Engage Employees Through Manager Empowerment
06/23/2021 Get to Know Your ATD NYC!
06/17/2021 Modern Learning Salon - Action Mapping Session 3: The Practice
06/02/2021 Grow Your Behavioral Intelligence & Immediately Improve Remote Collaboration Using C-Me Color Profiles
05/26/2021 Regional Webinar Series: Think out of the box with Jimbo Clark
05/20/2021 Modern Learning Salon - Action Mapping Session 2: The Design
05/06/2021 DE&I: What’s Talent Development (TD) Got to Do with It?
04/28/2021 Regional Webinar Series: Addressing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Going Beyond the Benchmark
04/21/2021 Coaching SIG: Accountable Coaching: Attaining New Levels of Success for Your Clients, Your Organization, and Your Business/Career
04/15/2021 Modern Learning Salon Action Mapping Series
04/15/2021 Modern Learning Salon - Action Mapping Session 1: The Analysis
04/07/2021 Chapter Book Club | Meet the Author: Lisa Lewis Miller | Career Clarity
03/31/2021 Evening Chapter Event (Members Only): LearnAmp Learning Experience Platform Demo and Discussion about Trends in the Digital Learning Space
03/31/2021 Noon Chapter Event (Members Only): LearnAmp Learning Experience Platform Demo and Discussion about Trends in the Digital Learning Space
03/24/2021 Regional Webinar Series: Your Virtual Presence: How to Authentically Engage and Connect in any Situation
03/03/2021 ATD NYC Connections: Knowledge Exchange
02/24/2021 Regional Webinar Series: Professional Development for Instructional Designers
02/17/2021 People Analytics SIG: How to Harness the Emotions Behind Data to Attract, Engage, Retain—and Inspire—Your Employees
02/03/2021 ATD NYC Connections: Meet the Board!
01/27/2021 Regional Webinar Series: The Role & Use of Assessments in Learning & Development
01/21/2021 Chapter Event: How to build a pipeline of resilient leaders
01/14/2021 The New Learning Innovation SIG's First Ever Learning Jam!
01/06/2021 Complimentary Chapter Event: VisuaLeadership Book Event with the Author
12/30/2020 Regional Webinar Series: Why Learning Operations Matters & How You Can Put It Into Action Today
12/17/2020 Performance Support SIG: Demystifying the Shift from Training to Performance: A Conversation with Gary Wise
12/16/2020 ATD NYC Annual Event | + Networking Event
12/03/2020 Complimentary Chapter Event: Optimizing the Virtual Learner Experience
12/02/2020 ATD Sister Chapter Event: ATD-PHL Virtual Networking Event - About Networking
11/25/2020 Regional Webinar Series: It’s time for Online Blended Training!
11/04/2020 Chapter Event: Digging into Leadership Development with a Combat Veteran and Former Special Agent
10/28/2020 Regional Webinar Series: How to Show Evidence of Learning Impact
10/27/2020 Coaching SIG: Using Emotional Intelligence as a Rudder to Move Us to the "New Normal"
10/22/2020 ATD NYC People Analytics SIG Social: Data & Drinks Happy Hour
10/20/2020 Chapter Book Club | Meet the Author Charlie Gilkey | Start Finishing: How to Go from Idea to Done
10/07/2020 Chapter Event: Applying Learning Science to Elevate Talent Development
09/30/2020 Regional Webinar Series: “Instilling Self-Accountability in Yourself and Others”
09/29/2020 Mid New Jersey ATD Chapter Technology Showcase 2020 (Sep 29 - Oct 1)
09/24/2020 All SIG Social: Not Your Mother's Happy Hour
09/02/2020 Chapter Event: The #1 thing you should be doing to Future-Proof your business
08/26/2020 Regional Webinar Series: Unleash The Power of Your Team!
08/13/2020 ATD NYC People Analytics SIG: An Intro to the EEOC and EEO Analytics
08/05/2020 Chapter Event: Elevate Talent Development with the power of mentor networks
07/29/2020 Regional Webinar Series: Master your Digital Body Language
07/10/2020 ATD Forte Executive Webinar Series: Tij Nerurkar, Cognizant Technology Solutions
07/01/2020 Chapter Event: The Science of Teamwork (For the New World of Work)
06/30/2020 Volunteer Connection/Happy Hour - By Invitation
06/26/2020 ATD Forte Executive Webinar Series: Todd Maddox, PhD, IKONA Health
06/24/2020 Regional Webinar Series: Harnessing Community and Connection in Online Environments for Impact
06/12/2020 ATD Forte Executive Webinar Series: Peter Mostachetti, Global Leader, Workforce Transformation at IBM
06/11/2020 Career Development SIG Event: 10 Ways to Ensure Your Job Search and Career Survives a Pandemic
06/03/2020 Chapter Event: Model Meetings | a framework to level-up your meetings
05/29/2020 ATD Forte Executive Webinar Series: KC Blonski, North American Corporate Learning and Government Solutions Lead for the American Management Association (AMA)
05/27/2020 Regional Webinar Series: Smart Choices for Digital Delivery: VILT, Asynchronous e-Learning & Beyond
05/26/2020 Chapter Event: Remote Facilitation Design Workshop
05/22/2020 ATD Forte Executive Webinar Series: Matthew Kleinman, PhD, VP Organizational Effectiveness & Work Science at Gartner
05/21/2020 Coaching SIG Event: Coaching in the Time of COVID-19
05/15/2020 ATD Forte Executive Webinar Series: Stephanie Trotter, Executive Coach, GSK
05/08/2020 ATD Forte Executive Webinar Series: Cameron Hedrick, CLO, Citi
05/01/2020 ATD Forte Executive Webinar Series: Michael Casale, PhD, Chief Science Officer, STRIVR
04/30/2020 VIRTUAL Learning Lab & Networking Event
04/30/2020 ***FREE WEBINAR*** Developing Resilience with Dale Carnegie
04/29/2020 Regional Webinar Series: Sales Enablement: Improving Sales Performance through Great Training
04/24/2020 ATD Forte Executive Webinar Series: Ruth Gotian, EdD, MS, Assistant Dean for Mentoring & CLO in Anesthesiology, Weill Cornell Medicine
04/17/2020 ATD Forte Executive Webinar Series: Jeanine DeFalco, PhD, Adaptive Research Scientist, CCDC-STTC Army Futures Command
04/16/2020 Free Virtual Happy Hour!
04/10/2020 ATD Forte Executive Webinar Series: JD Dillon, Chief Learning Architect, Axonify
04/01/2020 ATD NYC VIRTUAL Learning Lab & Networking Event: Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zones
03/25/2020 Regional Webinar Series: Evaluating AI Tools for Hiring and Talent Development
03/19/2020 Chapter/SIG Workshop: People Analytics In Action!
03/12/2020 Digital Learning SIG (fka eLearning SIG) - New Era Kickoff
03/04/2020 Chapter Event: Leveraging the Power of Visual Thinking
03/04/2020 Coaching SIG: Neuroscience and Positive Psychology Coaching-How to Accelerate Change
02/27/2020 Performance Support SIG Networking Event: Our Favorite Things
02/26/2020 Regional Webinar Series: Story Design in Real Life, from Analysis to Delivery
02/20/2020 Sister Chapter Webinar: Talent Optimization - Don't Text Me, Tell me to my face featuring Nick Ryberg
01/29/2020 Regional Webinar Series: Preparing Today's Workforce for Tomorrow
01/29/2020 Chapter Event: A Night at The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)
01/23/2020 Sister Chapter Webinar: AQ - The Science of Resilience featuring Lindsey Zajac
12/18/2019 ATD NYC Holiday Party @ WeWork Bryant Park
12/05/2019 ATD Employee Learning Week Event: Let's Talk About...Navigating Career Transitions
12/04/2019 Employee Learning Week Webinar: Going Solo? Realities and Rewards of Consulting
11/21/2019 ATD NYC 2019 Volunteer Recognition Event
11/20/2019 Chapter Webinar: “Learning is a Product: Think Like a Product Manager”
11/14/2019 SIG Event: ATD NYC Learning Lab & Networking Event
11/13/2019 ATD Joint Event w/ ODNNY: Our Path to the 90th Percentile: How Leadership, Brand and Culture Catapulted Employee Engagement and Patient Experience
11/13/2019 People Science SIG Webinar: Listening Is Hard: Why Developing Holistic Employee Listening Programs is Important to Your Culture and Employee Experience with Kalifa Oliver, PhD
11/06/2019 eLearning SIG: End-of-Year Member Roundtable Showcase!
11/04/2019 Career Development SIG: Power Up Your Personal Brand
10/29/2019 The Gamification of Learning: A Certification for Talent Development and HR Professionals
10/23/2019 Chapter Webinar: Remaining Relevant in an AI World!
10/22/2019 Coaching SIG: Improv Your Way to Coaching Chemistry
10/18/2019 eLearning SIG Scavenger Hunt: Finding Visual Metaphors at the Museum!
10/15/2019 Career Development SIG: Simple Steps for Building Resilience During Change and Transition
10/10/2019 ATD NNJ Sister Chapter Event: Women on the Move Transforming the Leadership Landscape
10/02/2019 Chapter Networking Event:Bryant Park October Fest!
10/02/2019 Sister Chapter Event: Mid New Jersey ATD: 2019 Technology Showcase
09/26/2019 Chapter Webinar: Gamification for Talent Development - Deconstructing the Psychology of Games to Entice, Engage, and Encourage Learners
09/18/2019 eLearning SIG: Creating Compelling eLearning Visuals with Your Smartphone
09/18/2019 Sister Chapter Event: ATD Southern CT Learning Technology Conference
09/11/2019 ATD Chapter Event: Shaping Individual Leadership & Culture In the Age of Transformation
08/22/2019 SIG Event: The First Ever ATD NYC Learning Lab and Networking Event
08/21/2019 People Science SIG Webinar: Creating Psychologically Healthy Workplaces in Healthcare
07/31/2019 Chapter Webinar: Breaking Down the Distance Barrier in Your Communications
07/24/2019 eLearning SIG: Video in eLearning: Rules of Engagement
07/22/2019 Coaching SIG: Executive Presence...Within and Without!
07/18/2019 ATD NYC/NYC SHRM/ODNNY Summer Networking @ Bryant Park
06/26/2019 Chapter Webinar: Digital Literacy for Virtual Presenters, Trainers & Facilitators
06/13/2019 Perf. Support SIG: Microcontent and the 5 Moments of Need
06/11/2019 Chapter Event: Your 30 second Pitch hosted by the ATD Career Development SIG
05/29/2019 Chapter Webinar: Influencing for Results
05/22/2019 Webcast: How to Create Damn Good Job Aids and Other Mobile Support Tools
05/09/2019 NNJ Sister Chapter Event: Innovating IDEAs, Personality as the Fuel to Spark Innovation
05/01/2019 Chapter Event:Learning to Learn!
04/30/2019 People Science SIG: Applying a UX Methodology to the Assessment Experience
04/25/2019 Coaching SIG: Coaching Clinic: What Would You Do???
04/24/2019 Chapter Webinar: REIMAGINE YOUR DAY, How to Achieve More with Less Stress
04/18/2019 Sister Chapter Event: ATD NNJ Spring MeetUp!
04/17/2019 Experience Virtual Reality: SIG Social Event at VR WORLD
04/11/2019 ATD National Author Webinar: Persuasive Writing for L&D and HR Professionals
04/03/2019 Monthly Chapter Event (online): Activities for Spectacular Online Events!
03/27/2019 Chapter Webinar: Peak Performance & The 5 Fundamental Moments of Learning Need
03/20/2019 Career Development SIG: Conveying Your Value - Learn how to tell the stories that sell you
03/14/2019 People Science SIG: Reference Insight Can Help You Better Select and Develop Your Employees
03/05/2019 Chapter Event: IBM's Journey through Leadership Development
02/27/2019 Chapter Webinar: Creating Custom Chatbots For Digital Learning
02/21/2019 Performance Support SIG: Microlearning Changes Everything --- If We Do It Right
02/20/2019 Association for Coaching Event: Being a Professional Coach: More Than Just Competencies
02/12/2019 POSTPONED People Science SIG: New Perspectives on Recognition in the Workplace
02/06/2019 Chapter Event: How a Mentor Can Help You Succeed, w/ Weill Cornell Medicine's Dr. Ruth Gotian
01/30/2019 Chapter Webinar: Video Within Reach for L&D Professionals
01/16/2019 eLearning SIG: [Webinar] How virtual reality and gamification will disrupt learning in 2019
01/09/2019 Chapter Event: CommVault's Performance Management Process that Delivers
12/12/2018 ATD NYC Holiday Party
12/04/2018 Coaching Center of Excellence, Webinar: Coaching Supervision – what is it really all about?
11/29/2018 2018 ATD NYC Volunteer Thank You Event
11/28/2018 Chapter Webinar: Building Coaching Organizations for Multiple Generations
11/15/2018 [POSTPONED] People Science SIG: Reference Insight Can Help You Better Select and Develop Your Employees
11/14/2018 Board of Directors Meeting - November
11/08/2018 Coaching Center of Excellence: Introduction to Evidence Based Coaching
11/07/2018 eLearning SIG: Case Studies: Success Stories and Lessons Learned
11/07/2018 VIP Package: 2-day CCoE Workshop Event
11/07/2018 Coaching Center of Excellence: Driving Peak Performance – Positive Psychology in Leadership, Coaching and the Workplace
10/24/2018 Chapter Webinar: The Neuroscience of Habit Formation
10/18/2018 ATD NYC Networking Event October 2018
10/11/2018 ATD Chapter Leaders Conference (ATD ALC)
10/10/2018 Board of Directors Meeting - October
10/09/2018 SPONSOR WEBINAR: Beyond Checking the Box: Sexual Harassment Training That Works by Grovo
10/03/2018 Chapter Event: Iterative Solution Design, Creating a Culture of Continuous Feedback & Learning
09/26/2018 Chapter Webinar: Why Wellness in the Workplace is Now a Necessity, Not an Option
09/26/2018 Innovation + Entrepreneurship Summit: Where Learning Technologies and Your Career Meet, hosted ny ATD NNJ
09/19/2018 eLearning SIG: No-Budget Gamification Returns!
09/18/2018 Coaching SIG: Feedback & Coaching: Key Challenges & Best Practices
09/12/2018 Board of Directors Meeting - September
09/12/2018 SPONSOR WEBINAR: Training in the Era of #metoo:Preparing for New York’s Sexual Harassment Laws by Grovo
09/12/2018 Webinar - Career Development SIG (Free Event): Learning to Love the Job You Hate
09/04/2018 Chapter Event: Elliott Masie - Learning Trends, Disrupters, and the Hype you need to know
08/29/2018 Chapter Webinar: Leading Your Career: 10 Essential Tips For Success!
08/15/2018 Board of Directors Meeting - August
08/08/2018 Chapter Event: Engagement. Productivity. Profit.
08/06/2018 Coaching Center of Excellence: Accepting Applications for International Coach Supervision Training
07/31/2018 Chapter Webinar: Incorporating Microlearning Techniques into the Virtual Classroom
07/26/2018 People Science SIG: Workshop - Ethics in Data and AI for Beginners
07/25/2018 Coaching Center of Excellence, Webinar: Positive Psychology Coaching Navigating Professional & Personal Success
07/24/2018 Chapter Event: Summer in the City Mixer
07/18/2018 Coaching Center of Excellence: Maximizing Your Coaching Personality and Energy For Powerful Results
07/11/2018 Board of Directors Meeting - July
06/27/2018 Chapter Webinar: Getting Hard Data from “Soft Skills” Training
06/20/2018 Performance Support SIG: From Training Designer to Performance Consultant (Webcast)
06/13/2018 Board of Directors Meeting - June
06/06/2018 Coaching Center of Excellence Workshop: Master Class on Team Coaching with Professor David Clutterbuck
06/06/2018 Servant Leadership Live!
06/05/2018 Chapter Event: Driving Innovation Through Talent Development with ATD CEO Tony Bingham
05/30/2018 Chapter Webinar: Performance-Focused Smile Sheets: Radical Rethinking of a Dangerous Art Form
05/30/2018 Career Development SIG: Your Resume vs. Your LinkedIn Profile: What ATD Members Need to Know
05/23/2018 Sponsor Webinar: Transforming Attitudes and Actions - How Leaders Create Engaging Workplace Cultures
05/22/2018 Coaching SIG: The Un-Clear and Present Danger, Mental Health Issues & Duty of Care in Coaching
05/16/2018 eLearning SIG: The ABCs of Writing Great eLearning Voiceover Scripts
05/10/2018 ATD NYC Networking Event May 2018
05/09/2018 Board of Directors Meeting - May
05/02/2018 Chapter Event: Accelerating Learning in Age of “I Want it Now” w/ CLO Andrea Elkin of ADP
04/26/2018 Coaching Center of Excellence: When You’re Neither E nor I: Beyond Sorting Hat Personality Measures
04/25/2018 Chapter Webinar: Dispelling the Neuromyths of Learning
04/12/2018 People Science SIG: Generation Z - Planning for the Next Wave of Employees
04/11/2018 Coaching Center of Excellence Joint ICF-ATD NYC Webinar: Becoming a Systemic Coach - A Practical Perspective
04/11/2018 Board of Directors Meeting - April
04/04/2018 Chapter Event: The Journey Towards Innovative Talent Development w/ New York Presbyterian
03/29/2018 Chapter Webinar: The 10 HUGE Mistakes Made When Preparing for L&D Disruption (Future of Work)
03/21/2018 eLearning SIG: How Virtual and Augmented Reality are Disrupting Learning
03/20/2018 RESCHEDULED Monthly Chapter Event: The Modernization of L&D
03/15/2018 Board of Directors Meeting - March
03/08/2018 Coaching Center of Excellence: The PERILs of Team Coaching - Team Performance and Dysfunction
03/01/2018 Coaching SIG: The Unparalelled Power of Questions - The Action Learning Coach Experience, TAKE 2
02/28/2018 Chapter Webinar: Subject Matter Experts - Moment of Need Video & Support
02/22/2018 ATD NYC Networking Event February 2018
02/21/2018 Board of Directors Meeting - February
02/20/2018 Career Development SIG: How to Build Resilience During Transition and Change
02/15/2018 Coaching SIG: The Unparalelled Power of Questions - The Action Learning Coach Experience
02/13/2018 Performance Support SIG: Aligning Learning to Performance, Essential Tools & Techniques
02/06/2018 Chapter Event: Accelerating Priority Skill Development, by Toni Handler & Gail Forkosh of Avanade
02/01/2018 Chapter Webinar: Sticky Learning- Ensuring Transfer, Hosted by Jean Marrapodi, CEO AppleStar Productions
01/20/2018 2018 Board of Directors Retreat
01/17/2018 eLearning SIG: 2018 Kickoff Session - "eLearning: The Road Ahead..."
01/16/2018 Chapter Event: The New World of Work: Josh Bersin's Predictions for 2018

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