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 Performance Support SIG

The mission of the Performance Support SIG is to develop chapter membership understanding of Performance Support (PS) and Informal Learning (IL). This SIG strives to provide interactive hands-on learning experiences for participants and opportunities to brainstorm PS & IL solutions for job related learning and performance needs.

Performance Support SIG Co-Chairs:          

  1. Malu Schloss  malu.schloss@atdnyc.org
  2. (Open)  Check out the role description here

Performance Support SIG Advisor/Boot Camp Lead:       

Hal Christensen  hal.christensen@atdnyc.org  

 Name That SIG

There has been some debate over whether or not the name of the Performance Support Special Interest Group (SIG) helps people really understand what the group is about. The definition of Performance Support is: 

“a tool or other resource, ranging from print to technology-supported, which provides just the right amount of task guidance, support, and productivity benefits to the user, precisely at the moment of need."

But many Talent Development professionals (especially those newer to the field) are not familiar with this term. Also, in addition to performance support, this SIG can sometimes focus on other learning solutions that fall outside the realm of traditional training (such as simulations and job shadowing).

Is there a better name we could use for this SIG
to help people understand it's areas of focus? 

You decide!

 Development Opportunities in 2020

The Performance Support Special Interest Group (SIG) is happy to announce several opportunities for building your performance support skills: 

    1. Project Advisement Sessions
      Are you currently working on a project and would like some guidance on how performance support could help you reach your objectives? Are you interested in hearing more examples of how to apply performance support approaches to different types of projects? Well, good news! Resident Performance Support Expert Hal Christensen is offering to provide one-on-one or group guidance on how to apply these techiques to your real life scenarios.

    2. ATD NYC Performance Support Boot Camp
      Are you interested in building your performance support skills by working on a real life project that will help the Chapter? More good news! We are getting together a small group to work under the guidance of Performance Support guru Hal Christensen, to convert our lengthy SIG Playbook into practical performance support tools for SIG leaders that will reduce the number of errors in our event postings and communications.  

    3. Become a SIG Co-Lead
      With Hal moving into an Advisor/Practicum Lead role, we need someone to co-lead the Performance Support SIG with Malu. Being a SIG lead means planning and executing all regular events and programming for the SIG. This specific role would give you an opportunity to work closely with Performance Support master Malu Schloss and give you a meaty role on the ATD NYC Extended Leadership Team to add to your resume.  

      If you are intersted in any of the above please reach out to the VP of SIGs at gabrielle.bayme@atdnyc.org and we will send you more information.  

 Performance Support Resources

Check out the virtual corkboard from the Performance Support SIG Networking Event: Our Favorite Things, February, 27, 2020

This is a living, breathing resource so feel free to add addtional content, or 'like' or comment on what is already there. Just be sure to log on to Padlet first (click on the top right of the program or mobile app) so that your contributions show your name. 

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Performance Support Forum

Use this new discussion feature to have conversations with fellow members around performance support topics.



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